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The Sovereign Healing Collection is the coming together of those facilitating deep and transformative healing through the promotion of self-responsibility and self-empowerment. Be a part of the group, and earn commissions and grow your audience in the process.


What is the Sovereign Healing Collection?

The Sovereign Healing Collection is a collaborative project that uses the power of working together to help healers grow their audiences, increase their revenue, and reach more people that can benefit from their offerings.

To participate, healers and transformative facilitators aligned with the concept of sovereignty contribute their digital products to create a high-value collection of digital products, sold at a low price point and for a limited time.

Contributors share this high-value offering with their audiences and receive generous commissions for each sale that comes through their affiliate links.

Additionally, this process gives each contributor exposure to new customers that can benefit from their healing gifts.

How the Sovereign Healing Collection works

For Contributors
For Customers

The following is an overview of how the Sovereign Healing Collection works for contributors. Continue beyond this section for more details and specifics.


Choose to participate and apply to join the collection.

If this project sounds good to you, submit an application to tell us a bit about you, your offering, and your audience. Contributors with audiences of all sizes are welcome to participate.

Accepted applicants submit their digital product and other information

Contributors submit their digital products to be used in this offering. Digital products can be in the form of a download (ebook, audio file), password-protected video, or course (hosted on your own platform). If you already have your product, this step should take you less than one hour.

Promote the Sovereign Healing Collection to your audience

We are asking contributors to share this amazing product (using a unique affiliate link) just 3 times with their audience over the course of the 10-day sales period (see dates below), but you are welcome to share more. Share on whichever platforms you are active.

Receive affiliate commissions for purchases made through your link

Anyone that purchases through your link will be attributed to you, and you will receive a 50% commission (minus Paypal fees). The Collection will be sold for $77 to customers.

Reach a new audience through customers being introduced to your product

A large audience with many new individuals will have access to your product through the Collection. Those that gravitate to your product will likely want to follow you on social media and pursue your more in-depth products and services. There will be opportunities for that connection to develop within the Collection.
See the FAQs and Timeline for more details.

The following is an overview of how the Sovereign Healing Collection works for customer. 


Purchase the Collection

Customers have a limited 10-day period to purchase and gain access to the Collection.

Have access to the Collection

Customers will gain access to a library of content from an abundance of contributors. They will have access to the content for one year.

Find new healers to learn, heal, and grow with

Through exploring the content, customers will gravitate to new healers with new-to-them information and offerings. They will have the opportunity to connect with the contributors for deeper work.

Continue to expand on their journey

Through this expanded network of healers, customers will continue to open to new opportunities on their life paths.

The intention behind the Collection is to use the power of many hands to grow and expand our reach and make the work lighter.

Ask yourself, "what is possible through collaboration?"

This is for you if...

Who would make a great contributor to the Sovereign Healing Collection?

The Sovereign Healing Collection project is for those that serve their customers with the intention of facilitating transformation through self-empowerment and the claiming of self-responsibility of one’s own path.

This is for you if you have an online following and/or community through social media, a blog, Youtube channel, podcast, and/or an email list. All sizes of followings are welcome to apply to be a contributor.

Not just for those in the health & wellness space

Transformation can come through all areas of our lives, not just in the physical health space. To be a truly holistic offering, coaches and facilitators of life change from various fields are welcome to participate in this collaboration.

Reasons to join

Benefits of joining the Sovereign Healing Collection

Grow your audience

Through the collaboration process, there's potential for a new and large audience to experience your work and get to know you.

Earn affiliate income

Share the collection during the 10-day sales period and receive a generous commission for any purchases made through your link. Learn about the affiliate commissions in the FAQs.

Meet other facilitators of sovereign healing

Learn of other healers doing powerful work through this experience, and expand your network.

Be a part of potential future collaborations

There's potential for future projects and collaborations. Being a part of this collection opens you up to future opportunities.

What is the investment for contributors to participate?

It costs exactly zero dollars to be a part of the collection!

The investment to join is just a bit of your time – an estimated 1 to 3 hours (if you already have a product) – and the use of one of your introductory, paid offers for one year.

It will be a bit more time if you need to create a product. However, see the FAQs for a recommendation on how to create a product of value quickly.

Timeline of the creation of the collection

Below are the important dates for the creation of the collection.

Submit your application

If you're interested in participating in the collection, make sure to submit your application.
Monday, October 24th, 2022

Acceptance Notifications

All emails will be sent out with acceptance status and instructions about next steps.
Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Required Content Submission Due

All content to be included must be submitted by this date.
Sunday, November 13th to Tuesday, 22nd, 2022

The Collection is on sale

This is the 10-day sales period when the collection will be available for purchase!


If you're ready to get on board, read the frequently asked questions to fully understand the specifics of joining the collection.
  • Who can contribute to the collection?

    You can contribute to the collection if you have an online digital product (ebook, audio file, or course) that you are willing to allow into the collection for the sales period of 10 days and to be made available for a length of one year from the close of the sale period.

  • What do contributors need to do to participate?

    To participate, please apply and tell us about you and your product. Once approved, you will need to submit the various requested files and information that will allow your product to be included. Additionally, a tax document will need to be electronically completed and signed to allow you to receive your affiliate commissions. During the 10-day sales window, you will share the collection with your audience using the provided affiliate link. You will receive more specific information at each step. See the timeline of dates in the following question.

  • What are the benefits of participating?

    With the Sovereign Healing Collection, we are using the power of collaboration to expand our finances and impact upon those that can benefit from our offerings. Within 10 days, you have the ability to promote a high value product at a low price point and receive easy compensation in the process. Additionally, a large audience has the potential to be introduced to you and your work.

  • What are the details with regards to affiliate commissions?

    Contributors receive commissions based on the number of sales that come in through their unique affiliate link.

    Commission percentages are as follows:

    • 0 – 99 sales – 50% (minus fees to transfer funds)
    • 100 – 199 sales – 55% (minus fees to transfer funds)
    • 200 – 299 sales – 60% (minus fees to transfer funds)
    • 300+ sales – 65% (minus fees to transfer funds)

    You will receive your commissions through Paypal or Wise within 45 days from the close of the launch.

  • What is the timeline for the launch of the collection?

    Deadline to apply – October 14th, 2022

    Acceptance notifications sent out by – October 24th, 2022

    Content submission deadline – November 3rd, 2022

    The collection launches and is available for purchase – November 13th – 22nd, 2022

  • How are affiliate sales tracked?

    You will receive a specific-to-you affiliate link that you can share with your audience. Any purchases made from that link over the 10-day sales window will be attributed to you. We are using specific software to track the sales brought in by affiliates, and you will be able to access your sales from your individual dashboard.

  • What are the expectations of contributors?

    To participate as a contributor, you are expected to submit your content and information as outlined in the above timeline. Additionally, during the 10-day sales period, you will be expected to promote the collection to your audience at a minimum of 3 times, using your platforms of choice.

  • Can the digital product be one that is given away for free elsewhere on the internet?

    No. The value of the digital product should range between $10 and $200. If you would like to include something that you give away for free, please additionally include another offering that cannot be received for free. 

  • What format is better for a digital product?

    You can submit your product in either the form of a digital download (pdf or audiofile) or as a course or video series. These will be handled slightly differently in terms of how we get these to the customer.

    If your product comes in the form of a digital download, you submit the file to us. The customer will download the file from the site. The benefit here is that there is no platform management that needs to be done on your end. You can direct the customer at the end of your product to your site and/or social media, so they can remain connected to you.

    If your product is a course or video series, it will need to be hosted on your platform. The customer will receive an access code that gives them access to the product for free on your site. This could be through a Wordpress learning management system, something like Kajabi, Thinkific, etc, or password protected on something like Vimeo. A benefit of this option (not necessarily of Vimeo) is that they will need to create a login, which adds this customer to your email list. Make sure that you will have access to this platform for the entirety of the year.

    Both options have their pros and cons. If you already have one of these set-ups ready to go, they both work well in delivering your information/offering to the customer.

  • What are recommendations for the digital products used in this collection?

    It is recommended to include your low-entry, introductory paid offer. The product can range anywhere from $10 to $200.

    It should be something that introduces the customer to you and your work, but isn’t too overwhelming. Think of this as your 101 offering.

    Be specific in the title and the benefits that the customer will receive from reading your ebook, listening to your recording, or taking your ecourse. This will help the user find the offering most helpful and useful for them.

  • If I don’t already have a product, can I still participate?

    Yes! If you don’t already have a product you can still add value to this Collection and reap the rewards.

    An ebook or a video masterclass (hosted and password-protected on something like Vimeo) can be created in a day (or less).

    Pick a pain point that you know how to address, and deliver that solution in one of those forms.

    It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top professional production. But, use something like Canva for your ebook. Make sure your video has good lighting and sound (use an external mic).

    Please reach out if you have questions.

  • How many contributors will be a part of this collection?

    That’s up to how many find this project to be in alignment with their work and wish to participate. My target number is 100. However, it may be more or less. Please share this page with those in your network whose contribution you feel would be beneficial.

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

Meet the founder

My name is Amanda Richardson-Meyer. I’m coming to this project as a former naturopathic doctor that left the profession to pursue my own healing journey. Along the way, I’ve made designing and building websites for conscious entrepreneurs my creative outlet and source of financial income.

Through my own healing journey, I’ve crossed paths with many contributing to the advancement of humanity through deep, transformative work. I’ve long-sensed that I’d use the power of my website creations to bring together the offerings of many that are here to share their gifts and support the upliftment of humanity. I look forward to seeing what comes of this endeavor.

Ready To Apply?

The deadline for submitting your application is October 14th, 2022. Complete the application now. If you have any questions, send me a message.