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A collection of powerful resources to support you with reclaiming your sovereignty on your healing journey.
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For a very limited time, gain access to ebooks, audiofiles, masterclasses, and courses from a prolific collection of healers and other facilitators of transformational change. Within this collection lies a breadth of wisdom, expertise, and experience aimed at supporting you in stepping into a greater sense of sovereignty, freedom, and well-being.

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A holistic collection covering Many aspects of your life

During this interesting time on the planet, we are being asked to step into greater sovereignty in all areas of our lives. This means taking responsbility for our well-being on many levels.

Energetic Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Sound Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Physical Medicine


Ancestral Healing

Parenting & Family

Finances & Abundance

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Only during this limited-time sale (ends November 22nd) will you be able to purchase this Collection of over 25 digital products valued at over $2500.

Purchasing this bundle gives you the opportunity to dive into these gifted healers’ offerings. In understanding how the healing journey unfolds, it’s likely there will be the next golden nuggets you require to help you along your path.

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Meet the contributors that have made this Collection happen! They all bring something unique and valuable to the Collection. There's a good chance you will find the ones you resonate with and benefit from their amazing offerings.

Frequency of You: A Sound Healing

By: Amma Lu

Empowered To Heal - Everyday Tools For Self-Healing

By: Anat Peri

Intrinsic Healing Immersion

By: April Fetter

The Energy Codes

By: Daina Gardiner

The Ultimate Energy Alignment - Ray of Light

By: Dr. Andrea Greiner

The F.L.O.W. Method for Heart Attack Prevention

By: Dr. Daniel Chong, ND

Burnout Alchemy Toolkit

By: Dr. Julie Hutsell-Starling

Release & Replenish :: Creating Foundational Health

By: Dr. Kelly Prill, ND

Empowered Freedom

By: Emily Brooks

Discover Your Soul in 4-Weeks

By: Holly Bickerstaffe

Healing From Emotional Trauma, Breakups, and Betrayal

By: Indasa Butler

3 Powerful Secrets To Live Free & Abundant To Create Purposeful Wealth & Family Legacy

By: Jeffrey and Elizabeth Kamke

Embodied Business Bundle

By: Jenna Faye Madden

Herbal Allies and Holistic Protocols for the Childbearing Year

By: Kate Rose

Money Shadow Alchemy Healing

By: Katie Edwards Corbin

Smash your fears, tools to pull these apart + Partnership Parenting

By: Lainie Liberti

Simple Habits for Success

By: Leah Borski

EMF Home Safety Masterclass

By: Luke Storey

Top 5 Strategies to Optimize Health

By: Mamie Burruss, ND, LAc

Introduction to Intuitive Decision Making

By: Marnie McBain

Life Without School and Raising Sovereign Families

By: Sarah Beale

Mastering The Universal Laws To Create Personal Freedom

By: Spencer Madden

The Qigong Meditation

By: Steven Sonmore

Body Scan Meditiation

By: Talya Pardo

The Healing Path Online Retreat

By: Trina Krug

The Power of Trust

By: Vanessa Smith

Energetically Release Limiting Beliefs for Magnetic Abundant Success

By: Vicki Chisholm


Have more questions? Read on to learn more about how all this works.
How does the Sovereign Healing Collection work?

The Sovereign Healing Collection brings together the paid offerings of 25+ healers and facilitators of transformational into limited-time offer. For the price of $77, you get access to over $2500 in products. These products are in the form of ebooks, audio files, videos, and courses. This is an incredible value, which means we can only offer this for a limited time.

The intention is to help you find new-to-you creators that offer something to help you on your path.

How long can I access the Collection?

The Collection will be available for access for one year following the close of the sale (until November 22, 2023). Ebooks and audio files are downloadable, and therefore, you can have access to them indefinitely. Videos are viewable on the site for the length of the year. Courses are accessed through each contributor’s platform. They will allow you to have access to the course for at least the initial year, and some may give you longer access than that. For the courses, it’s recommended to initially go through and sign up for each course. You can then get to the course at the timing that is right for you.

How do I access the Collection?

Upon purchasing, you will create a login that you will use to log in over the course of the year to access the products. You will receive an email with that information.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you are on a healing path and wish to claim more sovereignty in many areas of your life. You will likely get to know new-to you-guides that may hold an important piece of your journey. They may introduce to you new concepts that may open up new possibilities and opportunities for you.

Why is this only available for a limited time?

This Collection gives you the ability to access 25+ products that would normally exceed $2500. This group came together to bring you this abundance of offerings. We are limiting the availability to both give you this opportunity while honoring the investment and work put in by the contributors.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to this being a digital product, we cannot offer refunds. Should you have any technical difficulties, we are here to support you in troubleshooting so you may access and enjoy these offerings.

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