Contributor Important Info

All the forms and info needed to add your contribution, compiled in one place for easy access.

To Be Completed

To support the creation of this project, please aim to have the following completed by November 3rd. Should you have any issues arise, please reach out and communicate your situation.

Submit your content

Complete the Contributor Content form, which is where you will submit all the information needed to display and deliver your product to the customers.

Create affiliate account

Complete this form to create your affiliate account and let us know how you’d like to receive payment. The options for receiving payment are through PayPal and Wise.

Submit W-9/W-8 (if using Wise)

If you are choosing to receive your commissions through Wise, you will need to fill out and e-sign a W-9 (US citizen or resident) or W-8 (non-US). You will receive an email with this electronic form once you complete the form above to create your affiliate account.

Join Telegram group

Join the Telegram group to connect with other contributors, ask questions, and receive updates. This is not required, but it’s heavily encouraged. Feel free to mute to not be bothered by notifications.

Important Dates

Below are the important dates for the creation of the collection.

Submit your application

Already completed. The application window is closed.
Monday, October 24th, 2022

Acceptance Notifications

All emails will be sent out with acceptance status and instructions about next steps.
Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Required Content Submission Due

All content to be included must be submitted by this date.
Sunday, November 13th to Tuesday, 22nd, 2022

The Collection is on sale

This is the 10-day sales period when the collection will be available for purchase!
Within 45 days of the end of the sale

Electronically receive your commissions

You will receive your commissions through the means you chose when signing up for your affiliate account. You will also receive an email notifying you of your funds being sent.

Other Useful Info

Other useful and important links and frequently asked questions will be able to be found here.

Useful Links

Here you can find some useful links. More may be added in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you may have might be found here. If you don't see an answer to your question, send a message or ask in the Telegram group. FAQs will be updated as more questions arise.
Must I disclose the affiliate status of this product when selling?

Yes. In being in integrity with your audience and with legal requirements, you are expected to identify in your marketing that the link is an affiliate link and you receive a commission when a customer purchases.

You can weave this disclaimer into your posts and messages in a way that can even allow your audience to want to purchase to support you.

What are the expectations of contributors?

To participate as a contributor, you are expected to submit your content and information as outlined in the above timeline. Additionally, during the 10-day sales period, you will be expected to promote the collection to your audience at a minimum of 3 times, using your platforms of choice.

How does an affiliate link work?

Once you sign up for an affiliate account and the account has been verified and accepted on the backend, you will be able to access the affiliate area.

In the affiliate area, you will be able to access your unique-to-you affiliate link along with data about any clicks on and sales made through the link.

When you share your link and someone clicks on it, that will be registered to your account. If they purchase at any time during the sale from the same device, that purchase will be registered as a sale for you.

Should someone access the site from more than one affiliate’s links, the sale will be assigned to the affiliate link that was first clicked. It is advantageous to share the link as soon as possible once the sale begins for this reason.

You do not need to use the “generate link” feature, as there will only be one page that you share. Just copy the link that is in the green box in your affiliate area.

What are the details with regards to affiliate commissions?

Contributors receive commissions based on the number of sales that come in through their unique affiliate link.

Commission percentages are as follows:

0 – 99 sales – 50% (minus fees to transfer funds)
100 – 199 sales – 55% (minus fees to transfer funds)
200 – 299 sales – 60% (minus fees to transfer funds)
300+ sales – 65% (minus fees to transfer funds)

You will receive your commissions through Paypal or Wise within 45 days from the close of the launch.